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Our Coffee

Fresh Roasted In-House, Our Flavors are Unique and a Delight to Your Taste Buds!

House Brew

​​​A medium roast with hints of soft milk chocolate and great aroma. The perfect coffee to enjoy all day long!

Texan Brew

​​​​​A medium roast with heavy body and dark chocolate undertones. Hang on…This one bucks!!


Southern Pecan

A medium bodied coffee with the gentle undertone of pecan with a sweet, nutty finish. A well roasted coffee that drinks smooth and calm.


A medium roast with a perfect blend of spicy cinnamon and sweet vanilla. Let your senses indulge in the aroma and flavor.​

Our Coffee

About Us

Beans and Franks is a local coffee shop/cafe specializing in gourmet hot dogs, fresh roasted coffee, and much more.  It is owned by Jeff and Jodi Weyers - two lovebirds who met at Oklahoma State University in 1996.  


How did we come up with this random, quirky mix of hot dogs and coffee, you ask?  The concept of Beans and Franks started with a primary focus of gourmet hot dogs.  Jeff is originally from the Buffalo, New York area, and grew up his whole life enjoying this American favorite.  The original plan was to open a hot dog stand in a concession trailer adjacent to our current building, just to test the market.  Long story short, we talked to our friend about a location close to campus, and he offered us the spot we're currently in now.  We then decided to add coffee because of our proximity to Tarleton - after all, college kids love caffeine, right?   After much deliberation while sitting in lawn chairs in the driveway one evening, Jeff, Jodi and Jodi's brother, Benji, finally decided on the name Beans and Franks!


Our Goal

Our goal at Beans and Franks is to serve awesome food and coffee, while making our customers feel at home in a cozy, comfortable, friendly environment.  It is our mission that you leave our place feeling better about your day than when you first stepped through the door.  We love nothing more than to make a new friend out of a customer, and hopefully serve up some of the best food, coffee and service in town!


Stop by anytime and let us make YOUR mug happy!

About Us


2810 W Washington St, STE. 104, Stephenville, TX 76401, USA



Monday - Friday: 6:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Saturday: 7:00 AM-8:00 PM

The Pizza Place:

Monday - Saturday: 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM

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