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Behind the Counter

Allison  Hay
Barista, Manager

Nick Name: AlPal, Ally, Al Hay

Fun Facts:

  • Level 2 Mandarin Speaker

  • Certified Square Dancer

  • Lived Overseas for 6 Months

John Schmelz
Roast Master

Nick Name: John John, Jo-Nathan

Fun Facts:

  • Caffeine Junkie

  • Highschool Baseball Coach

  • Photographer

Raiford Ramirez
Barista, General Manager

Nick Name: Rai Rai

Fun Facts:

  • Graphic Designer

  • Burger & Pizza Connoisseur

  • Hockey & Soccer Fanatic

Taylor Mitchell

Nick Name: T-Po

Fun Facts:

  • Got Hitched December 2nd, 2017

  • Owner of 70+ Vinyls

  • Dog Mom to Gracie Lou Freebush - A.K.A "Miss Corgi-neality"

Hall of Fame

Kaitlin Stevens
Retired Barista, Manager

Nick Name: Kait

Fun Facts:

  • Can Play the Ukulele

  • Has Elephant Nicknacks from 9 Different Countries

  • Favorite Color is Turqoise

Myranda Alonzo
Retired Barista, Manager

Nick Name: Mynda Chell, My Randa

Fun Facts:

  • BA in Biology

  • Great Uncle (x5) Fought at The Alamo

  • Dog Mom to Tuck

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